lördag 21 april 2012

Grey tendencies

(Now the posts are in the wrong order, and this is an old look but aaaanywaaay)
 This day two friends and I went to look at a church building that our friend has bought (hence the large windows!! It's going to be awesome when all the renovations are made <3).
It was a wonderful day and we walked along the water and visited a small second hand and had some FIKA <3 and tried to visit a museum nearby but it was closed...

Sweater: Weekday, kid of old, I guess you could say vintage hahah :P
Hat: Suicidal tendencies, my boyfriends
Shorts: very exciting black ones from H&M
Belt: My friend found it after a party and thought it was mine, kept it! ^^
Shoes: Get a grip
Tights: Gift from Mom ^^
Leather jacket: Myrorna in Ropsten, thrifted

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