söndag 7 februari 2016

Giving up my echoes

BOOTS - Dr. Martens
HAT - Second hand
LEATHER JACKET - Second hand

Sometimes I feel like wearing simple things. I would generally call this outfit "boring" but I find that when it comes to simple outfits it's more important with details, and that's fun too!
I've seen these gray scarves on so many people lately, and it's the typical "boring" accessory in my book, but you know what? I wear it every single day. It's the perfect size, very warm and a colour that goes with anything.

fredag 29 januari 2016

Best intentions

DENIM JACKET* - Wholesale7
LIPSTICK* - Dresslink
FLORAL DRESS - Forever21
BOOTS - Dr. Martens
BIG SMILEY PIN - Second hand
SMALL SMILEY PIN - Bruised Tongue

I'm still having a hard time in my private life, but I know I've made the right decisions and in the end things will be all right :)

Sooooo what am I wearing? I have a denim jacket already, but it's really over size and a bit darker. I've been looking for a shorter and model and lighter colour, and since I've come over my fear of distressed denim (last summer.. :P) in general, I felt this would fill this hole in my wardrobe. It's obviously too cold to wear as a jacket right now though, but today I wore it with a leather jacket over. I think I'll distress it even more, which I think will be easy since the fabric is quite thin. Funny thing with this jacket though: the buttons are very noisy :P And the button holes are not actual holes :P I'm going to cut mine up so I can button it, and I doubt it will be any trouble.

I don't know if you can see the pin from Bruised Tongue, with the venn diagram happy/sad smiley, but it's there and I totally love it. It gives me life. The design is so genius and I want to wear it all the time but also have it on display in my home! yummm

fredag 22 januari 2016


RIPPED JEANS* - Yoyomelody
TARTAN SHIRT - Second hand
BOOTS - Dr Martens

I'm having some trouble in my private life right now, having a hard time, so I hope you understand that my posts and looks might not be the most inspiring. Sorry for this.

These jeans from Yoyomelody are in size L, and I really thought they would be loose, but on me they are more of a mom-jeans fit, which is totally fine too! Or what do you think? They are of course short, but I'm getting used to that, and I don't know, I kind of like it! I got an e-mail from Yoyomelody before receiving the jeans, and they told me that there was a slight difference in colour, which I was ok with. I think it was nice of them to give me a heads up. I thought they would be a lot lighter, but they are really just a bit. So it's totally fine, I like the colour.

onsdag 6 januari 2016

Born to endure this kind of weather

WHITE KNITTED JUMPER - Second hand market in Chișinău, Moldova
RIPPED JEANS* - Dresslink

Long time no blog! I've been working like crazy, and celebrating the holidays, but now it feel like things are going back to normal. And finally there is snow! I LOVE the cold. I really do. I get so happy when I see that it's -15°C (5°F) outside, and I love the smell of snow. I get so calm when I know there is snow outside, and everything gets so quiet and still. YUMM.

SO, what's better than going out in said weather and taking some cute photos? I got this sweater at a market in Moldova when I visited my mother who was working there at the time. It's very _acrylic_, like very light and not warm at all really haha but I like the design, very old-lady-cute-esque.

I love how these photos turned out, so ~Scandinavian~ haha. I really tried to hold back on the make-up so it would look more natural. I love fake lashes and bold lips and all, so it's hard to tone it down :P But at least it's a bit more natural than usual

söndag 20 december 2015

In my reach

LIPSTICK* -  Dresslink

First, I have to tell you that I'm working every day all day right now (because Christmas), so I'm not posting as much as I would want to, and since I live in Sweden I haven't seen the sun in like a month (lie, but almost true), so it's hard to get out and take outfit photos... But I'll be back soon!

I love how quirky an outfit can get if you wear the same pattern all over, or the same colour all over. Wearing a t-shirt and skirt like this is so much different from having a dress in the same pattern, in my opinion (even if you can't really see that it's two pieces ... :P). I got this lil set form Yoyomelody, and they have it in white as well. The skirt is a bit longer than I expected, and HAS POCKETS which is very convenient because then I can wear it at work! And I'm planning on wearing the t-shirt with high waist shorts or slouchy jeans, and the skirt with a preppy collar shirt or red sweatshirt. I really like the pattern, because it's graphic but also fun, yay!

While putting this on I realised the hands were reaching for the pizza. Perfect. And then I had pizza with three friends ha!

I have to talk about this lipstick too! It's in a "lipgloss" container, with a wand, but it's nothing like a lipgloss, because it's really pigmented and dries matte, and stays on forever! I love this colour on me too (Nr 33 on the site), and I'm very happy I got it.

Happy holidays! <3 br="">

måndag 7 december 2015

Old songs

RIPPED JEANS* - Dresslink
TARTAN JACKET - Second hand
SAD SMILEY PIN -  Second hand

Obviously going for something grunge here, and wearing my favourite t-shirt with legend Astrid Lindgren on it. I would usually never wear a top with a face on it, I've never liked that, (depends on the picture ofc, but photo(ish) faces are a big no-no for some reason), but when I saw this T-shirt at T-shirt Store I knew I had to have it. It's super soft and I wear it a lot at work (best book store t-shirt yes?). I love it so much ^^

And yesterday I wore almost the exact same thing, but with a red flannel shirt instead of the green/blue jacket. Which one do you prefer?

lördag 5 december 2015

New theories

NECKLACE - Cheap Monday
BLACK SHIRT - Second hand
BOOTS - Second hand

I was very happy to receive these overall pants, because they were a thicker material and more "luxurious" than I thought they would be. I got them in size L since I'm quite tall and these models (jumpsuits etc) tend to be too small between the crotch and shoulders. There is some camel-toe-warning haha but I don't really care. If I was one cm shorter they would have been even better, but I'll keep my length thank you. And I guess I thought they would be a bit more loose, but it's totally fine :)
I really like the model! They feel a bit more office-y than what I usually wear, (I need more stuff like that) but it's still quite fun, right? And it's easy to vary with different tops under. I would love to have something over-size underneath too! How would you style it?