torsdag 4 september 2014


DRESS - Forever21
GLASSES - Tokyo somewhere(?)
CAP & SHOES - Second hand

I think it's so funny how these two pieces actually match. I am very sensitive to matching patterns (and patterns in general) but I'm learning!! These two are so alike so I think it works! A lot of people have asked if they were bought at the same place or together and stuff like that but Forever21 in Tokyo and the second hand market that you can see behind me in the pictures are very far away from each other! I find it a bit amuuuusing ^^

The dress is so comfortable, and it rolled in at the top of my black floral dresses, outplaying two others that I'm going to sell, because now I have you little dress!!

tisdag 2 september 2014

Vacation in Dalarna

Road trip to Dalarna!
(I do NOT drink monster, mind you)

I found a huge mushroom when we got out of the car to get in to the boat

This lil boat took us and our stuff over the lake
 (Me in my latest love - the HUGE cat sweater)

So we turned off our phones, and we took off out watches because there was no electricity, and really, who needs em.

We took a little trip to a mire (I think that's what it's called? Myr in Swedish anyway) which was very pretty! (But this is not a picture of the mire as you can see, this is a clearcut(?))

We got a little lost, but I directed us in the right way, which is VERY rare, I'm always getting lost

Wearing clothes by the lake for once

Our little "living room" where we hung out

quiet quiet quiet <3 p="">

Walking and picking berries!

My feet were very happy every evening <3 br="">

Food time!

Steamy lady in the sauna

It's been great and very relaxing <3 font="">

måndag 1 september 2014

You're breathing in fumes

RED SWEATER & BELT - Second hand

Oooohhhh we've been on a little vacation to Dalarna, and we've been living in my friends parents little cottages, without electricity or water in the tap and luxuries like that. We've been sitting by the fire, sitting in the sauna, drinking wine by the lake, swimming naked, walking in the woods, getting lost, sleeping forever and other things that make life worth. I'll make a post about it soon!

The sweater is perfect. It's hand knitted and wool. When I worked in it the other day, a lady said "Is it hand made?" and I answered yes and she said "I thought so! Doesn't look like those flabby ("sladdriga") things you get at H&M!".
The skirt is from StyleMoi, and I find it very versatile, I mean, it's a light denim circle skirt, can't really go wrong can it. I don't know if I like this styling, but it was what I wore. I guess I'll wear it with other things soon and I'll show you guys! :)

And by the way, I reached a little visitor-record with my blog in August, and I'm super happy! Thank you all for reading! <3 comment-3--="">

onsdag 27 augusti 2014

And sometimes I don't got a filter

SUNGLASSES - VANS via ABC Mart, Shibuya
SKIRT - H&M / second hand
SHOES - Unif Neo boot / second hand

Lately I've understood that I really like white prints on black, and I love Lazy Oaf (I don't own any clothes from them though, just a super cute little brooch), so when I found this at  StyleMoi I had to have it! It's a nice and interesting cut as well :)
Another thing I've understood that I like is black and white ("realistic") floral prints, so when I saw this little number at my favourite second hand market for 20 sek ($3) I didn't really hesitate.
To match this little dark-summer-look I topped it off with a pair of my favourite sunglasses at the moment. When I bought them I happily called them nu-vintage^^ Really comfortable, which is a bit rare for a second hand-sunglasses-shopper :P

Hope you like it!

måndag 25 augusti 2014

Golden fringes

WHITE LACE BUSTIER - American Deadstock
BLACK HAT - Second hand
SUNGLASSES - Village/Vanguard, Tokyo
BELT - Second hand
SHOES - Jeffrey Campbell via Dolls Kill

I have this awesome friend named Kris, who lives in Paris and comes visit us a couple of times a year. When it's his birthday we usually throw a big masquerade with some lovely theme, like this time: Versace/Dolce Gabbana/Azis <3 nbsp="" p="">Anyway he's going back now, and we had one last little adventure with him which was: Djurgården! We just pranced around taking photos and just have a great day. In the evening we went to Hermans which is one of my favourite restaurants in Stockholm. (Actually earlier this day, me and another friend went to our favourite second hand market, (I'll write about that later!), so we were super tired, but that didn't stop us, wuu!!

OK so what am I wearing? I've been wanting a kimono for a while, and I was actually looking at a black one, because it's more useful and versatile I guess, but my heart said I should go for this one. It's not really my style but I really really like the look of it! And the fringes are so heavy and luxurious ^^. I thought I wouldn't style it with shorts and a top, like the standard foolproof boho-look, but I ended up doing that anyway because really, it looks great.
The shorts feel very versatile and they fit me perfectly! I'm very happy with them!

I was so pleased with so many pictures from this day, so you get A LOT to look at now ^^