söndag 12 april 2015

New stuff!

As I wrote in my last post, I got some free clothes recently, and here they are in all their glory. They might not look like much, but I love these kind of summer tops that really look pre owned and are really soft. I guess people don't sell these kind of clothes because they don't see the worth (which I agree might be hard to see, but I love them!!). I found two skirts as well, a yellow shirt and a white hand knitted cardigan :)

The Cheap Monday tank is from Tradera (swedish ebay) and the sad smiley pin (how awesome??!!!) is from a flea market we went to today :)

I got

lördag 11 april 2015

If you just shut that pretty mouth

MESH TOP - Monki
YELLOW BOOTS - Dr Martens via second hand

I've worn this top so much to parties, and it's starting to look not-awesome any more, so I've bought the exact same second hand, brand new haha. And I've been looking for yellow DMs for so long, and suddenly they just showed up on tradera (swedish ebay) really cheap, so... yay!

Yesterday me and my friend visited Independent Kostym, which is a sort of clothes archive for different kind of productions for TV and film. They have SO MUCH AWESOME things. I've been around in those archives, just looking, and it's really a dream. And everything is super organized and I feel like it's my future wardrobe. It's really really a dream.
ANYWAY they have had like a remnant sale for a while, cleaning out what they don't use and some things that might be a bit broken. Earlier the clothes were 20 sek each (approx two dollars) and you could fill a bag for 100 sek. But this time, when we got there, they told us what was left was FREE :D so we filled a bag and were super happy!! (you'll get a lil haul post later)

onsdag 8 april 2015

Sorry! + recent hair

Sorry you guys for not posting in a while, but I haven't had the opportunity to shoot any outfits lately. I blame it all on me trying to get my drivers licence, and my friend who has been working and studying too much. But we're both excited to do something soon, so don't worry ;)

In the meantime, here are some photos of my funny hair. I used Flamingo pink and Mandarin from Directions, and it just sort of washed out funny (which I really like, because I never know what it will look like!). So the yellow parts are just washed out Mandarin!

(From my instagram. If you feel like following me, go ahead, but it's not a fashion/pretty/style/aesthetic kind of IG, and I mostly write in swedish.. :P but if you insist, my user name is crazysannis)

måndag 16 februari 2015

Good thing you look at me that way

BOOTS - UNIF via Dollskill

Mmh, I love all things you can wear on your head. I just wish it was more socially accepted to always walk around in a tiara or minnie mouse ears. But overall I wish I was five because that's what usually speaks to me. I often find things at second hand markets and instantly fall in love but half a second later I realize it's for 7yo girls. OH WELL.

The knit was 20 SEK (~$2) and it has Mickey on the back ^^ It's hand knitted and of course super comfortable!

lördag 31 januari 2015

It's like a giant in my heart + Solnaloppis

BOOTS - Dr Martens via Dolls Kill

When I found the sweater at a second hand market I thought that it looked "grown up goth", which speaks to me. And today when I saw myself in some mirror I felt like a "cosy goth", which is even better. It's handmade and I love how a lot of different people like it - people my age, my grandmother, my dad and so on :D

So today we went to SOLNAHALLEN MEGALOPPIS wuuuu! Our favourite loppis (second hand market), and I found some more expensive things than I usually do, but things I really really like (photo further down).

  • Adidas set - 100 SEK
  • Green Acne shirt - 100 SEK (the tag said 1800 O_O)
  • Burgundy cap - 20 SEK
  • Black playsuit (handmade funny thing :) - 20 SEK

I also found a yellow plastic pitcher (Hammarplast, design P. Dreyer), a fruit bowl, some cute little saucers with hearts that are made in Czechoslovakia, because I love things that are made in countries that doesn't exist any more ^^

tisdag 27 januari 2015

You might not have what I must find

LACE DRESS - Second hand
BOOTS - UNIF/Second hand

Have I been slacking or what? No, I've just been busy. Ok ok ok I've been slacking too. But now I'm back! ...but I'll be gone for the two next weeks (gotta get my drivers license, only like a hundred years late -_-)

Anyway :) I got this nice lil cape thingy from YOINS and I thought it would be lighter, but I'm really happy that it isn't, it has some weight, so it falls nicely, yay!

The lace dress is hopeless though. It's super tight and super short with a layer of lace on top. But I can't really walk around in it without my butt showing (which is awesome but I'd rather not). But I really like the lace and I guess I could use it as a top :)

Photos by Sara Herrlander and Michaela Lindén