fredag 18 mars 2016

Strappy lace up wants

(from the bottom and clockwise)
1. Jeffrey Campbell Be My Leather via Nastygal

Some (read: a lot of) Swedes complain about the Swedish weather, but I really enjoy the change in seasons and how seasons and different weather can be inspiring and challenging. Another thing that I really enjoy in changing seasons is that I'm always looking forward to the next one, because I'm planning what to wear. Maybe it's odd to long for autumn in the summer (especially when Swedish summers often are quite cold), but that's what I do. SO: Now I'm longing for spring and some days it really is in the air, so we're getting there. And longing for spring in this case means longing for smaller shoes, and I've noticed all these strappy lace up heels popping up everywhere, and generally I'm more into heavy shoes, but there is something about these light feminine and a bit bondage-y shoes that really speaks to me! I've picked out my favourites, and of course the ones with heavy platforms speak to me the most :) Are you drooling over any?

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