söndag 20 maj 2012

Kilo Shop Paris

During our little vacation in Paris we went to this AWESOME vintage store called "Kilo Shop" and it's on Rue de la Verrerie in Paris. The prices are 35€ per kilo, or 20-25€ (don't remember which), it depends on the garment! They don't have any fitting rooms, but we filled our (actually really pretty) shopping bags that you could borrow, and tried everything on at the back of the store were there are big mirrors and a dark space a little hidden ^^.
They have EVERYTHING seriously, and a lot of everything! We were a big group of people so we couldn't stay too long, but maybe that was good because otherwise I would have bought too much!

They have accessories as well, but they are not as interesting, but the shoes and hats and scarves (scarves are not per kilo tho, they're 2€) all looked very nice!!

I really recommend the place if you like vintage hunting and have the patience! 

I found two super cute blouses, the perfect sweater and a pink boater hat! YAY


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