söndag 6 maj 2012

Tjej tennis in the Merry-go-round

Today it was time for LOPPIS (flea market in Swedish) in Åkersberga, and they always have this little funfair outside which is really strange (look at the animals in the merry-go-round) But it's cute!

So I found a white shirt and a pair of really old jeans, I hope they fit! :D

About the outfit... The shirt says "Tjej tennis" which means "Girl tennis" and I find it so funny that the "girl" part was more important than the tennis when they made it. (It's like a shirt for a specific tennis club). And the flowers are just hilarious, like you had to make it even more girly when it already said GIRL really big. Aahh I love it tho ^^ I pimped the shorts the other night, taking studs from an old belt that's too big for me, and I put them on the shorts instead :) The flowers in my hair are decoration stuff you put around candles (Ljusmanchetter^^)

shirt - thrifted / shorts - thrifted + DIY / shoes - ebay

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