lördag 12 januari 2013

Unicorn Kid - 8 bit

 My most wintery sweater I would say, all classic but still so kawaii with the unicorns and hearts <3 yey! Got it at Beyond Retro in Stockholm, and I remember thinking it was too expensive (It's what I aaalways think, I know -_-) But my friend pushed me, and I also realized that I needed it.
My thrifting heart (and wallet) does not like me saying this, but tights from American Apparel are sooo comfy :( love them.

The boots are a joke. I bought them at a sort of pop-up-store that was in the mall where I work for a couple of months, and they sold these moon boots (sort of) for 99kr ($15) and I had just bought a white winter jacket, so I had to have them. And I thought they would last like one season, or two at most, but I've had them for four years now (I think!)... But they are starting to fall apart. So useful though! Walking through deep snow. I need a new pair.

 sweater - beyond retro / shorts - thrifted (myrorna) / tights - american apparel / shoes - belle shoes

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  1. I like the pretty colours and the upper part of the outfit ;)wonderful sweater!