måndag 1 april 2013

Pull out the nails from your bones

Since the last look was so sugary sweet, I need to even it out with my other "side" :P
This dress is so comfy, it hugs me real tight, but it's very short, and I can see myself not-so-very-sober flashing around in it -_- hah.

dress - nasty gal / long blouse - thrifted thousand years ago / shoes - unif hellbound / headband - DIY also thousand years ago <3 / sunglasses - jet rag

2 kommentarer:

  1. Which hair dyes are these?? :D I've been wanting my hair similar colors for years now!

    1. I only use Directions, because they are easiest for me to pick up :) And this is actually a washed out "poppy red". When I've bleached my roots I have mixed my own little colour with a little poppy red, a little apricot and a lot of conditioner. In some places the hair is like neon pink, and some places almost yellow, and it looks a bit stupid when i wear it straight, so I curl it a lot :P

      So it's all really just a mix plus some time :) I like to experiment^^