lördag 26 oktober 2013

Pastel DIY test!

Last night when I had changed into my nightgown I got the idea that I had to try my fabric dye that I bought like four years ago. I had seen rainbow coloured shorts on ebay and my mom (or boyfriend? don't remember) said "you can do those yourself!" and I went and bought white jeans at a thrift store, and four colours at a art supply store. And I was super excited, but I thought I'd try the shorts while they were white, which was stupid/smart because then I didn't want to dye them anymore. I thought I'd buy another pair, but I didn't and then the whole trend broke loose and I wasn't very interested in rainbow shorts anymore. ANYWAY, those colours have been standing around for a while now and last night I wanted to try them! I found this sweater that I had decided to sell or donate, but it became my test subject instead, hehehehehe. So, after running around in my nightgown splashing colour everywhere, I left the sweater to dry over the night. In the morning it was pretty!! But... smelled weird because it had been lying on my dirty bathroom floor :D I fixated the colour with my iron, and then washed it, BUT it got really pale! :(( Almost all the colour went out, so tonight I'm re-doing it with more colour, and tomorrow I'll iron it longer and warmer I think. 

Anyway I'm really happy doing this, it's so much fun! I got to find more white clothes that I can play with. Next I have a pair of white jeans that I never wear, but I can't figure out what to do with them... But I'll do something all right. YOU'LL SEE!


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