lördag 19 oktober 2013

threads that are golden don't break easily

Location / Occasion
GREAT autumn day in the world of SOTZIEE! Me and four friends went to a botanical garden for some shooting, and we were there for hooours, which was awesome of course. We had pick-nick, warm coats and a great time!

This cool leopard jumpsuit is great, because I can use it both like in the picture (leggings+top), or wear something over and it's just leggings, or a long skirt and it's a top! And of course on its own sexy-crazy-time-yeah ^^
Skirt is from American Apparel, but I don't really want to support them (because I think they are sexist and expensive -_- TOO BAD their clothes look great) so I only buy it second hand nowadays. The belt is also AA, the perfect waist belt imho! The lovely Jeffrey Campbell Damsel shoes are second hand.

jumpsuit - TBDress
belt - american apparel
black circle skirt - second hand (AA)
jeffrey campbell shoes - second hand

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  1. I find AA to be boring expensive basics for slim sizes only, a waste of money really