onsdag 12 februari 2014

This night's gonna end like a missile drop

Location / Occasion
My good friend Olle turned 30, so there was a party in his old studio, which is awesome :3 We had so much fun, and Olle was really happy and everything was great ^^ haha

Didn't really focus on taking any serious photos of the outfit :P I usually have problems with mixing patterns and too many colours and details, but this night I just went for it (it felt so extreme haha). Love the glitter over-knees even if they're a bit uncomfortable :/ Shoes are super old, but I really like them! The t-shirt has a unicorn on it that kills a snake with its hoof, and underneath it says "The return of the unicorn", which obviously is awesome <:)
Shorts are super comfortable, but I can't decide if I'm gonna cut them off or keep them like that and just roll them up

t-shirt - gift
not guilty floral shorts - second hand
black shiny chunky heels - second hand
blammo glitter overknees - second hand (but new :P)

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