tisdag 25 mars 2014

DIY - Simple overknees

I found this tie dye fabric really cheap, and I think I'll make a sweatshirt out of what's left :) These were easy to make (even if my sewing machine is really stupid right now...) and I followed this tutorial at The Pineneedle Collective, but made them longer and didn't use an old t-shirt :) Looking forward to summer so I can use these!! :D

4 kommentarer:

  1. I'm a great fan of over the knee style , I love to wear socks up my boots or thigh high boots...

  2. :O Wowowowow, awesome! I'm so excited to see someone taking my tutorial and changing it up a little bit! I really wanted to see what knee-highs would look like :) they're awesome!! Socks are really hard to do, aren't they? Do they stay up okay around your legs (did you add some elastic around the top?) :)

    1. <333 I so glad you them! :DD Yes It was a bit hard, and I didn't have enough seam allowance in some places so they burst, haha! But I fixed it :) I really wish I had an over lock machine, I think that would make it a lot easier :)
      They do actually stay up! I thought I would have to add some elastic but they are quite tight and that does the trick! :D