torsdag 20 mars 2014

March wants

1. Ivonna Buenrostro makes such cute pins. I love 'em all and I'm gonna buy one or two before summer. Great colours yuuumm
2. Looking for some denim overalls... these are from Newman & Hall
3. Having a major craving for mirrored sunglasses right now! They are everywhere, just gotta find the perfect ones :) These are from Pink Romashka, who's got lots of other cool ones!
4. ImYourPresent are a long-time etsy favourite of mine. Never bought anything from her, but I feel like it's time soon. Like... NOW.
5. Heart shaped, pink, I don't know what else I would ever need? Get them here
6. Lil pink crescent mooooon! I need you around my neck! Chromosphere has got affordable cute stonezz that I want..

I'm so ready for spring now. I thought is was here, but since I live in Stockholm, there's always second winter! Total snow storm yesterday, hah!

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