måndag 23 juni 2014

What I've been wearing lately - Amsterdam and Midsummer

 Last Sunday I went to Amsterdam to visit a good friend, and stay at his apartment with two other friends. We were there for three nights, and had a great time overall!
These three outfits were things I wore while we were there. It was a bit chilly, but totally ok :)

Everything is second hand, except the eye-tights that are from monki. If you're wondering about brands or anything on them, just ask :)

Also one of the outfits I wore in Amsterdam, and everything is second hand except the backpack that is from Naturkompaniet, and the socks that are from Weekday!

So when I got home from Amsterdam, I had one day to unpack and then me and a friend went to a place called Köping to celebrate Swedish Midsummer, which is one of the biggest traditions in Sweden. Sadly it was a cold midsummer this year, but we had the most amazing time anyway! If anyone is curious, there are more pictures from it ->here<-
Dungarees are second hand, the flower head band is DIY, the fur is from H&M and the white little top is from H&M, bought like 15 years ago hah.

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  1. I love all of the bright colours! I hope you enjoyed Amsterdam! So jealous! I need a holiday soon <3

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  2. Thank you!! Yes I did :)

  3. I want to go to Amsterdam for ages now! Your style is wicked, and I love that last outfit! New follower here :) xx


  4. Omg! I cant even deal with how perfect these outfits all are! I am seriously so obsessedddd!! I wish I could do all those fun summer things.. I love summer festivals! bahhh. <3

    1. haha whaaat you do LOTS of fun summer things!! I love your style <3333