fredag 11 juli 2014

My closet: Rainbow dresses

These three cuties are quite new in my closet, and I love to see them hanging next to each other. I've been wearing the one on the right quite a lot, because it's very comfortable, and I can use it as a skirt if I fold the top part down. The one on the left is actually a dream to wear, but I haven't found the right occasion to wear it.
The are all second hand, from different second hand markets (1. Solna Megaloppis  2. Kista On The Flea  3. Täby Galopp Drive-In-Loppis). The leftmost is an H&M dress and the rightmost is Gina Tricot.

Now I'm going to head down to the mall to buy the last few things I need for my trip (dry shampoo and lip primer, what is more important?) to JAPAN! I'm leaving on Sunday and I'm super excited!!!! YAY

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