torsdag 7 augusti 2014

How I looked while in TOKYOO

the purikura-madness!

 met this guy at the sunshine aquarium! he was pissed but cute <3

love this dress tho

aggressively happy as I tend to be

 cat café!!!

oh yes outfits for purikura

hangin in arcades, lookin cute

 ok so we did (took? made?) purikuras so many times

 ready for karaoke!!

 we ended up at a place called enjoy house one night and it was awesome!

 met some really nice people and had a great time!

 oooh how I'll hate it when I come back to Sweden and won't have Pocari Sweat, or Green Dakara :(((

 doggie macaroooooon

 we went to the robot restaurant and it was amazing, just my taste :DDD

 OOOHHH SUZY Q that's mee! Being sweaty and drunk in Golden Gai (which also was... awesome!!)

 second hand store FLAMINGO

love my UFOs

Most pictures are taken by my baby but some are taken by my bf

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