fredag 24 april 2015

It's a Stockholm thing

WHITE TANK TOP - Cheap Monday via second hand
WHITE PLATFORMS - Killer platforms via

For our "Kungsanshootmadness 3.0" we decided to take the night bus in to Stockholm so we could catch this prettiness before everybody else showed up. We were there at five in the morning, and by then it was us two and two photographers waiting for the sun to rise(?) (sun rises 05:11 here now). If you check out the tag #kungsträdgården on instagram you can see that visiting Kungsträdgården this time of year really is a Stockholm thing :)

So this it the first outfit from this little shoot! I have never been a fan of logos and showing of brands, but lately that's changed. Even if this tank top is a little too much for me (I like too much for me!) I really like it, and especially the fact that it's embroidered and not printed yay!
I've been looking at simple harnesses like this one on Etsy for a while, but I decided to make it myself, which turned out being really easy, quick and cheap (like me!)

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