tisdag 2 juni 2015

Dramatic chiffon summer lovin

It's funny how you start liking things when the seasons change. And when the temperature rises, my interest for chiffon rises! I know a lot of people get married and attend proms this time of year, but sadly I'm not. This does not hinder me from browsing dramatic prom and cocktail dresses though :D

Last year I went to a wedding and I wore this lovely bright green chiffon dress, very goddess/70's, and these dresses remind me of it. I really just want to attend a wedding on a beach, flowing around in something like these:




I really love the cape/veil-thing going on with the sand coloured one. More capes and veils! I noticed that all (what I could see?) the dresses on the site are possible to get in like ~30 colours, which is great, because with these kind of flowing garments it's such a statement with a special, bold colour and not your standard white/champagne. I would love the jumpsuit in green! Or lavender... Love lavender YUM.

I'm actually looking for cheap chiffon at my local fabric store so I can make big flowy summery things. Inspiration station! I just might create my own lil' cape ^^

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