torsdag 23 juli 2015

Like magic, a light that will drown you

LACE KIMONO* - Newdress
WHITE BUSTIER - American Deadstock
SUNGLASSES - Second hand

I was so happy when I unpacked this lace kimono-cardigan-thingy, because it feels so versatile. I mean, long, fringe-y, black lace? I got it in size large because I wanted it to be long, and it feels like the perfect length. It brushes my ankles, but I won't step on it :D It's really soft and comfortable, and I'm sure you'll see more of it ^^

And how huge are these sunglasses?! (hmm they are bigger than they look, they actually look totally ok in these photos...) They're almost novelty glasses :D But they are actual 70s glasses that I found in a box at a second hand market together with a pair of blue ones that I'll show you later, and a pair of wiiild ones for my boyfriend, which look like safety glasses.

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