söndag 6 september 2015

One bite at a time

BOOTS - Dr Martens
HAT - Second hand

I have lots of crazy coats and faux furs for the autumn and winter, but I don't have any ok "serious" ones, for when I need to dress something down, or when I'm doing something more serious. I want to be able to match the occasion wherever I go, and I'm not always going to a party ehehe. So I've been looking for a more sober coat, and fell over this one from CNDirect, and I was sure to get it in Large so it would be quite over-sized, and I think it's perfect! It's a lot thicker than I expected (which is great) yay!

So this day we went to a burlesque second hand market (haha I did NOT match the occasion :P but I wanted to wear my new coat :3) and I found this aaaawesome red dress from GUESS, a striped shirt and LOTS of white velvet that cost like, nothing. In the evening I went to my aunts birthday dinner and I wore the red dress and everyone was like ooohh aaahh and I'm so happy about it!

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