måndag 26 oktober 2015


JACKET* - Wholesale7
SHIRT - H&M via Second hand
RIPPED JEANS* - Dresslink
BACKPACK - Fjällräven via Naturkompaniet

So my eye is getting better, I dares to wear make up today, though I took it off as soon as I came home, and now I can't really see what I'm doing because I have something in my eye that's supposed to make it better :P

This jacket! I knew I had to have it even if it wasn't very autumn-y or winter-y. Look at it! I love bold prints that you can't really understand, but you can see that it's _something_. There are some lipstick(?) there, and keys, and air planes :D I'll probably match it a bit more far out this spring, with more colours and accessories, but today I felt like dressing it down, so it could shine on its own.

I really need a new pastel back pack, my Kånken is so dirty from years of wear and especially from art school -_- There are huge ink stains inside haha. I'm really into the Grafea bags, but they are so expensiveeee and I don't want to pay for thiiingssss ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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