fredag 20 november 2015

Miles and miles

WHITE MESH SKIRT W DOTS* - Wholesalebuying
WHITE FAUX FUR* -  Newdress
TANK TOP - Cheap Monday via Second hand

Super cold shoot by the lake yay! It's getting below zero now where I live, and I really felt it today. But I love winter in Sweden! Waiting for the snow ^^
If you follow the link to the skirt, you'll see that it's not really the same as in the pictures, but the last pics of the black one is more like reality. I'm happy with it anyway! It's not what I'd usually wear, I don't think I own anything with polka dots, but I love trying new stuff so yay here I go :P I thought it looked really nice in an all-white outfit. It's more of a summer skirt really, so I'll probably wear it when it gets warmer :) But what I love about these chiffon/mesh clothes is that they take up NO SPACE AT ALL, aahhhh ^^

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