måndag 19 november 2012

whiskey scent on her kitten’s fur

So I stumbled over this sweater this summer at my local every-weekend car boot sale, and I was a bit sceptic, would I wear this? But it was too weird to not buy. I haven't worn it until now, and I must say I love it as much as I knew deep down I should :DD It's strange to wear under a coat/jacket though... so not the ultimate sweater for Swedish weather, but I'll figure something out! :D It's really really fluffy!!

fluffy pink sweater - thrifted / leggings - gina tricot / shoes - UNIF / beanie - blackpool pleasure beach

5 kommentarer:

  1. LOVE your style! keeping rocking.

    xx Rebe


  2. I love your taste when it comes to fashion

  3. Soo cool!!