måndag 26 november 2012

the muppet slayer

In Paris there is this awesome store called Noir Kennedy, and what I understand, they have vintage clothing, and a lot of stuff that they have altered themselves, for example this coat! I think it has been white or something, because the colour is really irregular and has "splashes" of colour, on the inside too!
 When i found it I tried it on for fun, and my friend took some pictures of me in it, but I thouhgt it was too expensive. The day before I was going back to Sweden, I had thought about it and wanted to buy it, but it was closed! So my friend bought it (she was staying longer) and brought it back home to me, in the middle of spring! (I had to wait the whole summer to get to wear it!!)
Ugh. You'll see more of it. I love it^^

Coat - Noir kennedy / tiara - ebay / leggings - gina tricot / shoes - dolls kill

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