tisdag 4 december 2012

I fell between the moments

I really love these pants. It's not very clear in these photos, but they're black velvet, and all big and slouchy, and recently I've fallen in love with a lot of pants that are big anywhere but the waist. I guess it's because I don't really have any curves, so I like wearing stuff that gives me a shape, whatever shape that is :P I found the pants at a car boot sale (my beloved car boot sale 15 minutes from here, every weekend all summer!) and they were 5 kr, which is like 70 cents. There was this girl selling lots of awesome stuff for just 5 kr (I have shown off other things earlier, like the beige dress when I'm in the water). If they wouldn't have been so cheap I wouldn't have bought them, but they turned out to be favourites!! I love when I buy stuff that doesn't feel perfect, but then they turn in to favourites (happens from time to time!). The top is actually a dress, but since the pants are so big, no one can tell! heehee

faux leather dress - Gina Tricot / pants - Thrifted, H&M / shoes - UNIF hellbound

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