torsdag 7 februari 2013


I'm still feeling dark and cool and stuff, and especially in my new sweater from Burger and Friends. It's very comfortable ^^,and I do love text prints, but I have a hard time finding ones that I like. I'm allergic to "funny" texts, and the ones with few "big" words on them, like "love the night" or whatever, feel so... empty..? Anyway, THIS is a print I like, a bit like my t-shirt with the "life is boring"-print. I don't know, but I really like the negative prints, because to me it's funny in a way :P I don't know! :D dark and cool and awesome pics after the complaining :P

I'm really stressed out right now, I'm in university and at the moment I'm taking a course which is very interesting (Human computer interaction), but there is SO MUCH TO DO -_- I don't have time for anything and I'll be soo happy when it's over :(
And all I really want to do is focus on this weekend because my close friend is turning 25, and we're having a huge party with a drag queen theme (I mean, omg yesss) and we are all soo excited! I just want to be at that party right now and not have to think about school :(
I hope to post some pics from the party here, because my outfit will be yummy (it is in my head anayway :P)

I hope you guys aren't as stressed out as I am, and that you'll have a great weekend! :)

sweater - burger and friends / flower headband - diy / leggings - jc / boots - underground


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