söndag 14 april 2013

Solitary sister - and culture adventures!

Today was the first spring day in the Stockholm area (that I know of anyway?) and me and three friends went to some exhibitions at Waldemarsudde at Djurgården (pretty parts of Sthlm yay). We went for a walk in the sun, and eventually we bought ice cream (at StikkiNikki NOM NOM NOM) and sat in the sun <3

I wore my new Killer platforms all day, and I'm so pleased with them! I had no trouble at all walking in them, and only when we just had to take jump-pictures I broke my ankles :P But they were really comfortable all day! A bit warm tho, but that's not a bad thing in Sweden so ^^

Today I wore one of my Venus Heart pins from Saffron Sugar as well, love them^^ I have the aqua one too.

jacket - thrifted / t-shirt - monki / skirt - car boot sale / shoes - Fanny Lyckman killer platforms, Nelly / brooch - Venus Heart Pin, saffron sugar / hat - car boot sale

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