fredag 24 maj 2013

Car full of boys

Location / Occasion
So my friends garden is in the perfect spring/summer state, so we took the opportunity to take some pictures. We carried around old benches and rolled around in the weeds that grow in the garden (the are weeds, but we both find them quite beautiful because they are so green, and the "grass" in the garden is mostly moss...
So photos, pizza, tea and good times <3

I found this denim catsuit from Diesel at one of my favourite second hand/charity shops in Stockholm called Emmaus (though it's not as good any more.. :/). But it's actually a bit small, or I'm too tall, but it's not very comfortable for me to sit in, but I love it so much. I mean, look at it! :D Since I don't have much curves I enjoy clothes that give me some curves , and I think this one does (or at least some hips :P). So I won't care if it's too small!

denim catsuit from diesel - emmaus second hand
platform sandals - nelly

3 kommentarer:

  1. Your style is speechless! <33 your hair and this denim outfit is so rad!
    I saw you in your lookbook! Nice style