onsdag 5 juni 2013

Like we finally saw the colors of the world

Location / Occasion
The weather is currently awesome where I live. It's sunny but not crazy killer hot, and the evenings are the best! Here I am again in my friends garden, feeling cozy! We recently had a "cookie/cake-night" (same word in Swedish -> Kakkväll) at her place (in the garden ofc!) with lots of pillows and friends and lots and lots of sweet stuff to eat! <3

I found this sweater at my favourite second hand in Sweden/Stockholm (Myrorna in Ropsten) and it's not really my style, but when I saw it I just melted, because, I mean, LOOK AT IT! :D I call it my sweater that cures diseases. It's crazy comfortable too <3
And the converse, well, I found them in my firends trash and was like why are you throwing these away? What size are they? Aaaand after that they are mine. I've worn them for like three summers so I guess they had more to give!

colourful sweater from Bennetton - myrorna second hand
converse - second hand/found

(The whole sweater this winter)

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