söndag 9 juni 2013

I'm gonna show you where it's dark, but have no fear

Location / Occasion
Ten years ago (when I was 14) I went to a little festival in the woods close to where I live. I was so scared and so so excited. I remember seeing a goth girl with long blonde hair and I understood that I TOO could be a goth even if my hair was blonde ^^ cute cute. Anyway, that time was the last, but then now last Saturday it was arranged again! Ten years later! Wooo! It was so much fun and I scraped my knee and we took a swim in the lake and we danced to our friends old punk bands and met so many other old friends.

The dress is second hand, but originally from Monki, very comfortable but a bit big (well that adds to the comfort sooo). I found the shoes, abandoned, so I took them? The flower crown is me, a glue gun and some flowers from ebay (looove my glue gun so much fun!). The vest... well this is getting strange... I FOUND and thought you should not be alone little one, and now it lives with me. So really, this outfit is so cheap, like maximum $6. But the important thing is reusing stuff (and that it's cheap is just a bonus right?). Haha and this was actually one of two otfits I wore that day/night, becuase in the day it was really hot and later not so hot.

monki black velvet dress - second hand (galoppis)
purple flower crown - DIY (ebay supplies)
black leather boots - second hand/found
denim vest - second hand/found

 down by the lake at the festival

 one of the bands, and with the lake in the background

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