fredag 5 juli 2013

the lengths that you'd go to bring the roughest tide in

Location / Occasion
Summer, friday, you know :) After a week of working between 8-16:30 we felt like taking out bikes down to our lake and have a swim and some picnic. So we did because we're grownups and we do what we want yeaaahhh. Gotta love Swedish lakes. All cold and dark and surrounded by dark woods, and naked kids running around and swedes that HAVE to take a swim even if it's super cold, but it's SUMMER so dip that body in that cold water and call it refreshing!

I found the skirt at a charity outlet, like a place where the clothes that doesn't get sold in their normal stores are sold. You fill a bag and pay 80 kr (~$12), and it's a big bag! And I saw today that it's actually from Polarn & Pyret which is like a kids store basically, but they have other stuff too, and I really like their approach, like, making clothes for children and not for girls or boys yay! The top is just random second hand old H&M, the shoes are my standard salvaged converse, and the bag is from Fjällräven! The knitted sweater is a new love of mine, thrifted last weekend woo!

pink and white striped maxi skirt - second hand (röda korset)
white strapless top - second hand
white converse - second hand/found
fjällräven backpack - Naturkompaniet
friis & co sunglasses - second hand

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