lördag 3 augusti 2013

fueled, these new shores burn

Location / Occasion
Every weekend all summer there is a huge car boot sale close to where I live (that we call Galoppisen) I'm sure I've mentioned it too many times already, but really, it's awesome and I go as often as I can. LIKE TODAY YAY! We snook behind some trees to take some photos, and we found old burned out cars! wuhuu perfect.

I rarely buy new clothes at full price in real stores, but this top is one of those rarities. It was so soft when I tried it on and I have no acid washed stuff even tho I think it's really cool. I think maybe I've thought I couldn't pull it off, but I don't care about being able to or not pull off certain clothes any more sooooooo hah.
And the hair -_- I dyed it purple before a festival last week and when I came home it was blueish and patchy buuuuut I don't really care ^^

My sweet shadow by In Flames, one of my favourite songs from when I was 15 <3 

tiara - Kina Li
acid washed top - monki
black denim shorts - second hand (galoppis)
buckled wedge boots  - Scorett
sunglasses - Ur&Penn 

 (close up so you can see my cool lil nail ring!)

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