torsdag 8 augusti 2013

Favourite second hands - "Loppisar"!

I thought I'd make a post about my two favourite places to go in Sweden when it comes to second hand shopping. ("Loppis" is short for the Swedish word loppmarknad which translates to flea market, and we call pretty much anything with second hand stuff "loppis" or just "second hand")

Täby Galopp Loppis
 A small part of The Täby Galopp Loppis, what we call "tarmen", like an extra little part
that evolves when there's a lot of sellers.

The unofficial name for this one is "Galoppis" for obvious reasons. I live really close (like 10 min by bike) and it's very close to both the train and bus so it's easy for a lot of people to get there. The Galoppis is every weekend (except like... 3?) the whole summer! And this summer it's been great weather so I've been there like every weekend that I've been home. I've found so many awesome things at this place. I LOVE GALOPPIS!
If you're planning on visiting the stop is called Galoppfältet and the official time for the loppis is between 12-16, but the unofficial is 11-15 ^^

Webpage if you know Swedish ->

Megaloppis i Solna
Two times a year there is a big loppis in Solna, called Megaloppis, but we just call it Solnaloppis. It's indoors, and it's two big halls filled with sellers. This is more fancy that the Galoppis, like more professional sellers, but also just ordinary people selling their ordinary stuff. But here you can find more retro/collector stuff, but also cheap quirky thing of course. We always look forward to this loppis sooo much!

Some info if you know Swedish ->

Täby galopp loppis (Galoppis)
other nice places in the Stockholm area

Myrorna in Ropsten

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