måndag 19 augusti 2013

Plant your hope with good seeds

Location / Occasion
Me and my friend took a trip to an island called Svartsö, and spent some nights there (awesome super cosy) and this was during one of out walks on the island. There are so many pretty places and it's so quiet and still and... lovely!

The flower crown is made by me and my glue gun with stuff from e-bay. I ordered the bustier from Etsy, from the store American Deadstock and when I received it, it was a bit small, it fit but it wasn't a comfortable size for me, but I was persistent and wore it even though it wasn't super comfy, and now it is! I'm so happy with it, to me it's the perfect bustier^^. There'll be more outfits with the same one coming soon heehee :D Shorts are second hand and really my favourites right now. The right size, fit, colour and length, yay!

Mumford and sons - Thistle and weeds, looove that song.

flower crown - DIY
bustier - American Deadstock/Etsy
blue denim shorts - second hand

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