tisdag 20 augusti 2013

Make this easy

Location / Occasion
By one of the lakes on Svartsö island. Just enjoying summer, taking a swim, feeling great <3

I found the top at my favourite Galoppis, and I thought the girls who were selling it looked cool in a way that would make the top expensive, and when I asked, knowing I wouldn't be buying it, they said 10 SEK, which is like $1.50 yay! And I truly love it, because I feel like a superhero when I walk around in it. It's a bit transparent and very very light weight so it flows around all the time ^^. The shorts are my DIY-frankensteins, I've done so many different things with them, adding stuff, removing, destroying, sewing... aah <3

 flower headband - DIY
top - second hand (but originally H&M)
blue denim shorts - second hand
platforms - nelly.se

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  1. Wonderful colours, the top looks great with your hair :)
    Cool pictures!!