torsdag 12 september 2013

And though summer unwinds now I have no reason to follow

Location / Occasion
Still summer at Svartsö, the last day, and we went down to the lake one last quick time. Great weather, great times, yum yum! (I do long for the fall wardrobe tho^^)

The dress, which is not very me, is from Galoppisen. But when I saw it and felt that it had such a full skirt, I couldn't resist, and it was very cheap so ^^. I wore it a lot this summer, so I guess it was a bit me then :)
I bought the sandals for a great gatsby-party, and I thought they were actually quite ugly, BUT I wore them a lot anyway! So this outfit is really not me, but I still like it :D The sandals broke at the party heehee because they got wet when we played in the water! 

 flower head band - DIY
dress - second hand
sandals - second hand

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