måndag 23 september 2013


Location / Occasion
Going for a walk at Svartsö with awesome friend and just enjoying summer and holiday and... Sweden :) YUM!

This sweater is from my beloved Galoppis and there was this middle age/old woman selling things and I really fell for it, but I thought 40 kr was a bit much ($6) because I'm super tight-fisted at loppis. It was very soft and all made of cotton (I have a problem with wool :/) and when I was standing there hesitating, I got to know that it was hand stitched by the woman selling it, and then 40 didn't seem like much at all. Her name was Evy, so now I call it the Evy-sweater ^^

Evy-made sweater - second hand
shorts - second hand
boots - found

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