söndag 29 september 2013

I dreamt I traveled and found you there

Location / Occasion
After sleeping 4 hours or something, me and my friend went to the vintage fair in Stockholm. We always go, but we don't buy much, because it's really fancy stuff that are great to look at, but it's mostly too expensive for us. I found this awesome black and white faux fur (pics further down!), but my hair won't turn the right shade of white that I want right now, and with something white against it, it just looks yellow and greeeen, aaand it was too expensive :P After the fair we went to our beloved Galoppis just to hear cheap prices, and we did ^^ I found a velvet dress with a hood (!!), a pair of shorts and some nailpolish. Great day, but now I'm sooooo tired -_-

I found the jacket at the Galoppis for 10kr ($1.5), and actually, the burgundy stockings, the hat, and the bag are also from there! The platforms are Fanny Lyckman, and I love them so much. The are comfortable to wear a whole day just walking, and they make any outfit just perfect :D They are a bit dirty now tho, because I've had so much fun in them the whole summer :DD

Hat - Second hand (but originally H&M)
coat/jacket - second hand
burgundy stockings - second hand (new from H&M tho)
bag - second hand
Fanny Lyckman platforms - nelly.se

Overview of one part of the vintage fair:

Where I found, but didn't buy, this cutie:

....and a dress for 1000kr ($155) with toothbrushes on it:
But then we went to the Galoppis!:
Where you can buy clothes for 1kr ($0.15):

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