onsdag 9 oktober 2013

Nothing thrills us anymore

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Wooo! Today we went to the Megaloppis in Solna, and it was as great as ever <3 We came before it opened (at 10), and stayed until three! (Plus lunch at MAX!!). This is really one of the highlights of the year for me and my friend haha! yay

The glittery gradient sweater is so pretty but so uncomfortable -_-, and the dungaree shorts are super old, and when I bought them they were way too small for me, but now they fit great, good thing I didn't sell them^^. The leggings are fluffy on the inside - perfect for cold Swedish winters! Then to the hat. THE HAT! I got this pretty custom thing from this really nice lady who understood my request perfectly and I'm sooo happy with how they came out! (I got another one, you'll see;). And if you can't see it, it says BORING, because I sort of defend being bored, I think it's healthy :)

hat - Custom made by SugarPolo
glitter sweater - second hand
burgundy leggings - gift from my bf's dad
dungarees -H&M
shoes - second hand

one of the rooms of the Megaloppis in Solna:

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