torsdag 28 november 2013

a one way trip

Location / Occasion
So me and five others went to this old abandoned house today! It was soooo BIG and AWESOME and had so many rooms and we really wanted to spend a day in each room, but we didn't have much time and I'm a bit sick so... :(( But we had a great time photographing and fooling around. We ARE going back though :DD

I LOVE this MISCHKA-sweater, it's so simple and a bit.... stupid :D haha, I mean, "Death"? oh wow :') Anyway, it belongs to my boyfriend but I borrow some of his clothes, and since he's not a student like me he can afford all the clothes he want... oh how I long for that... *sigh* ANYWAY the pants are from a french brand called.. *drum roll* FIST! How awesome its that. They are a bit small, and hard to get in to, but when they're on me, they are a dreaaaam. Love 'em.
Boots are Dr Martens, which I found at a sale on Nasty Gal *yey* They are SO comfortable. The size was off though, but a pair of boots can absolutely be too big, no problem.

MISCHKA sweater - Monkey Bizz
FIST disco pants - second hand in Paris
Dr Martens boots - Nasty Gal

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