måndag 9 december 2013

Through a hundred thousand years of light

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ONCE AGAIN loppis in Solna! (Solna Megaloppis!) And we had a great time as always, meeting happy nice sellers and finding pretty stuff! In the last pic you can see what I found! White 90s platform sandals (yumm), a mickey mouse tea pot! mug, sheer top from weekday, tartan shorts, white basic tank top, gray sweater and high wasit jeans from MONKI. Very happy with it all :D

I was in Moldova recently and went to a flea market where I found this awesome sweater! So cute and big and I love it <3 The jeans are my new all-day-every-day-garment. Every day I wake up thinking HMM I just might wear my jeans today. Every. Day. Sooo comfortable. I was looking for the perfect jeans for a while, and I found them at H&M! It was quite a ride before I found them, but now I'm very happy!!

white flower sweater - flea market in Moldova
Jeans - H&M
lilac socks - Weekday
shoes - get a grip

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  1. you have the perfect hair just saying!!! <3
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