torsdag 2 januari 2014

DIY YETI fur coat! ...and update!

I've been very busy the last two months, with a lot of work and a lot in school, so no time for LB or the blog :(

...BUT! when I was working very hard at the book store around christmas, every day when I got home, I worked a little on my YETI FUR! I bought a sort of furry blanket for the Great Gatsby-paarty we had at the end of the summer, which I wore as a bolero or little jacket, just folded over the shoulders. After that I didn't want it in my apartment because it doesn't really fit in there, but I liked the fabric... HMMMM! So I thought I'd make a fur coat out if it :D I don't know how to sew, but I have a sewing machine, so I just tried and I'm really happy with the result!

Here is what I did:

I cut the pieces on the fur side so I was able to comb away the fur from the scissors, to keep as much fur as possible. The "vest" was all one piece, so I didn't have to sew them together. The blanket was exactly as wide as the vest part was supposed to be :D In the first picture you can see how the blanked looked before. (And I'm actually sitting on it in this outfit)


If you have any questions about how I did it, please ask!

If you want to know what it looked like worn as a fur at the great gatsby party, here is a picture, and here is a blog post about it by Elsa Billgren (with more pictures!)


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  1. Hey there, I'd like to know how you made this....please and thank you

    1. I don't know how detailed I should explain, but overall it's just a fur blanket and a pattern for a jacket that my mom had, and I just followed the pattern (sort of). Is there so special part you want me to explain? :)