onsdag 8 januari 2014


Location / Occasion
I have a great friend, and she says "Let's go to this awesome place and take photos!" and I say "No, that's probably not possible" but then we do it anyway.
We visited an "abandoned" castle (it's not abandoned, people live there, but it has an abandoned look). If you know Swedish, here is a great article about it. We were amazed! And after speaking to the nice woman living there, we took some pictures in the garden.

LOOK I MADE A THING! Yes, I made the coat myself, and it included a lot of guessing and improvising, but hah! I made something out of a blanket :D read more about it here.

Gray faux fur - DIY
MISCHKA sweater - Monkey Bizz
Dr Martens boots - Nasty Gal

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