lördag 11 januari 2014

Mind the dressing

Location / Occasion
Still visiting the "abandoned" castle Kassman, (it's not abandoned, people live there, but it has an abandoned look). If you know Swedish, here is a great article about it. We were amazed! And after speaking to the nice woman living there, we took some pictures in the garden.

I find http://lookbook.nu/mindthemustard inspiring, and when I found this shirt I thought of her outfits, and I thought it was funny to switch "mustard" with "dressing" since it is also a kind of sauce but also dressing as in get dressed hahaha
The jeans are my babies, and the belt I found in a box, don't know where it comes from, must be a gift I think. 
The necklace! I got this from a girl at a christmas fair at an art school in Stockholm (Konstfacks julmarknad), her name is Lotta Grimborg, and my boyfriend got a necklace too!

white beanie - ebay
white mesh polo shirt - Moldovan market
jeans - H&M
Platforms - Fanny Lyckman for estradeur (nelly.se)
Lotta Grimborg necklace - Konstfacks julmarknad

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