fredag 21 februari 2014

Moving past the feeling

Big fluffy green knitted sweater with some glitter in it... I mean, YUM. I've had it for a long time, and I wear it a lot because it's very comfortable, but now it's even better since my hair is red! Bright colours!!! 
Sequin shorts are actually from H&M and I remember seeing them when they were new and I thought they were perfect and lovely and crazy, but expensive (for me)... BUT THEN the sale came. And I got them for about $22 (I think!). And my friend who has a totally different style, also got them without knowing I bought them :P
Necklace is Etsy, from lovely DanaCastle. I wear this eeevery day, because it's great with everything/anything! ...and I love to fiddle with it when I'm bored :D
Found the Neo Boots on for about $76 (500 SEK). SCORE! Love em.

green knitted sweater - second hand
green sequin shorts - H&M
UNIF Neo boots - second hand
large quartz necklace - (DanaCastle)
Hat - Second hand

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