fredag 28 februari 2014

I only wanted something else to do but hang around

Lately I've started to enjoy dressing in all white, I don't know why, I find it fun, strange and a bit provoking (hah!) to dress in only one colour. (It's not all white with my hair and the black boots but whateeeveeer). All white is stupid too, I mean, I can't eat things with sauce, and that makes life hard.... But I see it as a challenge! WUUHU!
The fluffy jacket thing is something I don't really like... I got is second hand last summer and it's a bit stiff and not really white, but I like the fabric... :/
Dumb & Ugly sweater is from BurgerAndFriends and they've got some nice smiley-face-things I want right now :) I think this is my favourite sweatshirt (not the one I wear the most, but you get it).
Pants are random old JL-jeans that got handed down to me (because it's a brand I would never buy). They aren't very comfy, but they'll do until I find a better pair cheap :)

white beanie -ebay
jacket - second hand
white jeans - handed down
dumb & ugly sweatshirt - (BurgerAndFriends)
UNIF neo boots  - Second hand 

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