tisdag 4 mars 2014

On The Flea flea market in Kista

fake Dolce gabbana tropical dress / white tube dress / wind proof sweater / t-shirt with surfer-girls! / green-mint-blueish knitted sweater / blue tartan schoolgirl skirt / black knitted sweater with cross-stitch roses / simple powder pink crop top / blue sunglasses / silver sequin fanny pack / necklace to make into other necklaces / not it the pic: 2 silver rings

Last weekend there was a flea market in Kistamässan, Kista. And it was HUGE! It's the first time we've been to it, and we didn't know how big it was going to be or what kind of prices and stuff there would be, but we were very pleased! It was a bit expensive to go in, 50 SEK, but it was worth it :) People were nice we come home with some great stuff! :D

2 kommentarer:

  1. Wooow. This place looks like my dream ;__;

    1. Haha yes it was amazing^^ Got very tired tho!