tisdag 4 mars 2014

With only hope in your pocket, and hell to pay

I found this fake leather coat at a second hand when I was like 15, and I thought is was the best thing everrrr. Haven't worn it much since, but I haven't gotten rid of it either, because every time I try it on, like "should I donate this?" I always end up keeping it, because yeah, I guess I really like it :)

The dress on the other hand, I'm having a hard time liking. I don't feel comfortable in it, though I think its AWESOME in theory. I guess I'll end up selling it, because I haven't worn it much... :/

Hat - love it, shoes - love em,  necklaces - love em, rings - haha they are actually earrings! I'm really into this midi-ring-thing but since I'm sensitive to nickel that means I need silver rings and I really just want some cheap ones of ebay so I can be a TRENDY GRRL right NOW! well well, earrings actually work :D

hat - second hand
jacket - second hand
dress - nasty gal
big quartz necklace - Etsy.com (DanaCastle)
UNIF neo boots  - Second hand

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