söndag 27 april 2014

Solnaloppis haul

This is what I got at the Solna Megaloppis this time :) It was great weather in Stockholm today so not a lot of people visited the loppis (second hand-market), which gave us lots of space and that was awesome.

Spent a total of 215 SEK (~$33), and it was that kitschy chiffon dress that was the most expensive (60 SEK, $9).
I'm searching for the perfect white summer dress, and I might have found it, it's the middle one. I want it to be comfortable, simple and very timeless countryside sort of sweet :D The one on the left was also  interresting, because it was soooo soft, but it's a bit too frilly and cute to be THE PERFECT ONE.
Had a feeling for yellow this time, and unfortunately I didn't touch the Weekday one (front one) because it's wool in it, and I just can't wear that :(((( will have to sell it.

It will be fun making outfits with the purple t-shirt, the blue dress, the white dresses and the kitschy chiffon one! The other things feels a bit meehh right now but I might come to like them :)

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