tisdag 29 april 2014

You were one inch from the edge of this bed

So I did buy the cardigan I was raving about in this post, and I'm super happy with it ^^ It works with so much, and it's really great for Swedish weather, especially the spring/summer evenings. I just walk around touching it, it's sooo soft yumyum.
Haha, real H&M-outfit :D I got the cap for free at some second hand market when I picked it up and fell in ugly-love with it. It is so ugly. In it's sadness, all floppy and beige with the big H&M-logo... so I love it :D

long fluffy cardigan - H&M
nextrane buckled heels - Dolls Kill
quartz necklace - DanaCastle
hat - second hand (originally H&M)
shorts - second hand 
t-shirt - second hand (originally H&M)

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