fredag 4 april 2014


Really craving these two right now -____- a soft furry cardigan from H&M which I had my eyes on when it was new in the store, and it's sooo soft and amazing! Now it's on sale for 500 sek, which is about $77, and that's too much for me, but I can't stop imagining myself in it these chilly spring nights in Sweden when you HAVE to be outdoors because it's not minus Celsius. It's more a cardigan than a jacket, so it's not crazy warm, but still very cozy!
The holographic awesome backpack is from goldenponies, and I can't decide if I can spend a total of 600 sek on it, and it won't arrive until late may I guess... I CAN'T AFFORD THESE?! Not when I'm going to Japan this summer (:DDDD) But I need them in my wardrobe now. >_<

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